Casa da Ribeira


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Casa da Ribeira is located about 1 kilometer from the village of Casalinho da Ribeira and as the name indicates, it is very, very close to Ribeira do Alvito, the natural border between the counties of Castelo Branco and Proença-a-Nova.

A former resting place for pastors, this house still retains some of its original walls and is surrounded by more than 400 olive trees and a stunning natural setting cherished by the Serra das Talhadas. In this area of Ribeira do Alvito, water is always present even in the hottest summers and was and still is a place for refreshing baths. The enchantment in the smells of the field, in the infinity of colors, in the symphonies of the birds that give the most beautiful soundtrack of this place.

Casa da Ribeira is fully self-sufficient in terms of energy and water, with a double bedroom and a kitchenette with sofa bed.

The perfect paradise to escape from the world!

This house is available for olive picking holiday experience. Book this house in the olive picking season, help picking the olives and stay for half the price! € 25 per night.

Distance to Mel´s stable for horseback riding: 9 km 


Located in a region with dazzling river beaches, tasty gastronomy, the possibility of parachute jumps (Aeródromo das Moitas) and climbs, certified pedestrian paths, the Living Science Center of the Forest, the various viewpoints of Naturtejo GeoPark, geomonumentos in the Ports of Almourão and Serra das Corgas and of the Talhadas and a remarkable geo and biodiversity to which they also join archaeological and historical treasures.

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