ARIZONA – Born in the Netherlands in 2008, our Frisian lead mare is the real black beauty who enchants everyone with her looks. She likes to search your pockets for any treats with her silk nose. Soft hearted, curious, brave and determined, a perfect character to lead the group.



SEDONA – The ´red rock´ of our herd as she is with us from the beginning. She thanks her name to her copper red color just like the beautiful red rocks of the town Sedona in Arizona. She is an energetic girl and you can count on her leading the group with good humor when Arizona is resting. Born in August 2005 and a mix breed of Lusitano and Arab. Very popular amongst our younger riders.


YUMA – Our true Arizona star horse. She won silver in a Portuguese competition in 2006 for her beauty and gaits when she was only 3 years old! She is a big sweetheart and wins everybody´s trust with her curiosity and gentleness. Formerly used for jumping competitions, this cross breed Sporting horse x Hanoverian is now taking it easy at our farm. She is always happy to hack out and is easy to ride.


BISBEE BLUE – Bisbee Blue refers to the turquoise that comes from copper mines located in the vicinity of Bisbee, Arizona. With his blue eyes, long manes and socks, this piebald Gypsy horse is a dream horse. Add to this his gentle, strong and kind character, and you will fall in love! He was born in England in 2007 and likes to walk at the left side of the road. You can´t blame him!



Utah – Pony

UTAH – Teddy pony Utah is the sweetest pony you can find. She loves attention and getting cuddles and treats. She is a very safe pony for your little cowboys and girls.